I have got one problem with Ariana Grande. She is a smart young woman, yet she was pre-packaged into an image that has always disturbed me. From the very beginning, they would put her in super sexy - often porn-style - looks to then emphasize her child-like looks and acts, much younger than her years. Regardless of her actual age, the end result intentionally looked like a child acting like a porn star. Same applied to the early stages of Britney Spears, but those were other times. Ariana is a pop singer, so these "mature sex" looks and features were not a pre-requisite, she is beautiful and talented, could have worn a pair of jeans and shirt, and young girls would still have screamed at her concerts and bought her music, so these elements seemed just a giveaway to a pedophile kind of culture that has had me wondering many times, why? The aesthetics in which Ariana has been sold are for very grown-up man who are totally not the kind of listeners of the young Arianna, I know it is marketing, but it is also culture and gender norms validation. Arianna fans are young girls often looking for role models, pedophilia and child abuse are real, exploiting and promoting the image of a young girl looking and acting like a porn star is NOT ok, that is already abuse. The question is not about Ariana, it is about mass-selling and validating identities and role models designed to please old men looking for very young girls, and that is SICK.

Before the straightjacket feels comfortable again, I hit "publish".

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Cristina Comunian

Cristina Comunian

Before the straightjacket feels comfortable again, I hit "publish".

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