The Universe’s farts

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I do not mean to diminish our accomplishments both as individuals and as a collective, or maybe I do. But I digress.

In the history and vastity of the Universe, our agonies and triumphs, also called lives, from our first inhale to our last exhale, are like farts to the Universe, a negligible temporary embarrassment.

Your ego should be deflated by now, you can thank me later.

“I really needed to read this today”, said nobody ever.



Polarizing narratives

Photo by Christina Rumpf on Unsplash

When people say it is not all black and white, they don’t mean it is magenta or peacock blue, they mean one of the limitless combinations of black plus white. Yes, grey.

The full palette of grey, is still grey, like that grey area, which of all the worldly possibilities, is never any other color.

So when people use it is not all black and white, in an attempt to mellow down extremes, by acknowledging only the extremes of the spectrum, they reinforce them.

It is not all black and white, that’s right, because it is all black and white.

So much for the power of words to divorce from our intentions and cultivate representations and narratives of their own.



Cristina Comunian

Cristina Comunian

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