Polarizing narratives

Photo by Christina Rumpf on Unsplash

When people say it is not all black and white, they don’t mean it is magenta or peacock blue, they mean one of the limitless combinations of black plus white. Yes, grey.

The full palette of grey, is still grey, like that grey area, which of all the worldly possibilities, is never any other color.

So when people use it is not all black and white, in an attempt to mellow down extremes, by acknowledging only the extremes of the spectrum, they reinforce them.

It is not all black and white, that’s right, because it is all black and white.

So much for the power of words to divorce from our intentions and cultivate representations and narratives of their own.

I hear you saying

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Don’t close the book, just turn the page, I hear you saying.

I say,
Come closer.

It is not a book,​
It is a block of marble.

It is not a page,
It is a slab carved out like a veil.

Those stories are not made of ink,
They are scars chiseled in by hit or miss.

I say,
Try now to convince me this is not set in stone.

Not all stories are created equal,
Whether they hit warm skin or cold marble,
Nothing digs deeper than chronic drops left unattended.

Come closer.

F*ck gravity anyway

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I used to think I was FAT,
​I used to feel FAT, think FAT, act FAT, have FAT, be FAT.

No freedom for FAT,
​No fantasies for FAT,
​No cute guys for FAT,​​​
​No romance for FAT, ​
​No love for FAT.

I used to think I was FAT,
​And FAT was all I allowed myself to be.

I had to be my own butcher.
​Once cut open,
​NO fat flipping,
​NO lard dripping. ​

​Fears chipping,
​Tears rippling,
​Heart stripping.

A blue whale’s heart weighs about 400 pounds.
​Measuring what does not count is for sore losers.

Fuck gravity anyway. Fuck anything and anyone who can’t deal with the weight of my thoughts, words, actions, and love.

Reminder to self

Photo by Darren Nunis on Unsplash

When in doubt:

​Yes to red lipstick.
Yes, the dress is too short but never too tight.
Yes, it is probably you, so what?
Yes, you are enough, as a matter of fact you are plenty.
Yes, you are very much but never-ever too much. ​
Yes, for today, this is as close to perfect as it gets, bless you.

​When in doubt, be your cutest, kindest and loving(est) self, the rest will follow. It just will.
When in doubt, let go and see what happens.

Life is short, no doubt about it, dare, breathe, speak and love like there is no tomorrow. So much you owe to yourself.